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Welcome to Truckloads! You now have access to thousands of carriers registered in the Truckloads Marketplace. If you don't already have a Truckloads account, contact the Trucker Path services team to ...

Account Settings

You can update your Truckloads password, email address, and other profile information on the Account Settings page. To access the Account Settings page: Click your user name in the top right ...


The Shipments page functions as the home page of Truckloads, and it displays all Truckloads shipments for your company. On the Shipments page, you can perform the following actions: Post a Shi...

What's New

Truckloads Broker User Guide

Post a Shipment

The Shipments page displays all Truckloads shipments for your company. On this page, you can view and search for shipments as well as post a new shipment. You can post a single shipment manually, or y...

How to make a Bulk Shipment Upload

Bulk upload is super simple and saves a lot of time! Step 1: Prepare your file with shipments Download and fill out our simple template. Don’t forget to Save it as CSV. Some simple rules on how...

Delete a Shipment

You can permanently remove a shipment from the Truckloads system by deleting it. Note: Deleting a shipment cannot be undone. To delete a shipment, follow these steps: Navigate to the des...

Edit a Shipment

Users can make changes to a shipment after it has been created, whether the shipment is active or expired. For example, if a shipment's weight changes, a delivery pickup time changes, or the exact loc...

View a Shipment

You can view all your shipments on the Shipments page, or you can filter which shipments appear. You can click any shipment summary to view its details. To filter the list of shipments on the Shipmen...
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